Frequently Asked Questions

Read-Eval-Print-Loop (aka scala:console)

Why does the mvn scala:console goal not compile the project?
The authors of the plugin felt it was much more flexible to allow a REPL to be started during the coding of a project. The REPL is mostly used for experimenting with APIs and therefore users should not need a functioning project to test out potential code paths. Users who want to make use of their latest changes should type "mvn compile scala:console" or "mvn test-compile scala:console" rather than just "mvn scala:console"
Does the REPL support auto-complete?
As of Scala 2.8.0 the REPL supports auto-complete features.

Eclipse Integration

Is there a wiki detailing Scala/Eclipse/Maven integration
Yes, it requires a Scala trac user account and is located here
Why does the mvn eclipse:eclipse not add the src/main/scala directory as a source path
The maven-eclipse-plugin is not maintained/integrated with the maven-scala-plugin. If you would like to have the src/main/scala directory added as a source path in eclipse, you must configure it useing the maven-build-helper-plugin's add-source goal Example:

Can you synchronize eclipse configuration with the scalac plugin pom configuration?
Not Currently