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Version Date Description
1.1-M4 2009-08-04 Lift 1.1 Milestone 4
1.1-M3 2009-07-02 Lift 1.1 Milestone 3
1.1-M1 2009-05-01 Lift 1.1 Milestone 1
1.0 2009-02-26 First Major
0.10 2009-01-14 api refactor
0.9 2008-06-15
0.8 2008-05-09
0.7 2008-04-03
0.6 2008-03-10
0.5 2008-02-05
0.4 2008-01-07
0.3.0 2007-12-07 champagne
0.2.0 2007-06-06
0.1.0 2007-02-26 first public release

Release 1.1-M4 - 2009-08-04

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Release 1.1-M3 - 2009-07-02

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add Added builtin snippet for merging content at the end of body tag Marius Danciu

Release 1.1-M1 - 2009-05-01

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add Fixed Bug #34 - lift processing directives should be implemented as snippets Marius Danciu
add Added support for templates caching Marius Danciu

Release 1.0 - 2009-02-26

Type Changes By
add Added support for multiple resource bundles Marius Danciu

Release 0.10 - 2009-01-14

Type Changes By
update Consolidate LiftRules Marius Danciu
update Added HTTP authentication support Marius Danciu
update Upgrade to Scala 2.7.3 Jorge Ortiz
update Upgrade to Scalacheck 1.5 Jorge Ortiz
update Upgrade to Specs 1.4.0 Jorge Ortiz
update Added Record/Field generic support Marius Danciu
update Changed Can to Box David Pollak
update Changed RequestState to Req David Pollak
update Updated LiftView to be more syntactically pleasing David Pollak
update Fixed a bug with how RequestVars and traits work David Pollak
update Enhanced the DateTime inputs David Pollak
update First pass at complete PayPal ITN and PDT stuff David Pollak
update Refactoring of the PayPal stuff David Pollak
add A Currency class David Pollak
add Added a nifty mechanism for stateful form management (Hoot) David Pollak
add Added fix CSS support Marius Danciu
add Added support for other JS libraries Marius Danciu
add Added JSON forms support Marius Danciu
update Updated to jQuery 1.2.6 Jorge Ortiz
add Added PayPal Integration module Timothy Perrett
update Redesigned Gavatar widget Timothy Perrett

Release 0.9 - 2008-06-15

Type Changes By
add Added URL rewriting support Marius Danciu
add Added CalendarDayView widget Marius Danciu
add Added CalendarWeekView widget Marius Danciu
update Switch from svn ( to git (github) has scm to manage source David Pollak

Release 0.8 - 2008-05-09

Type Changes By
update Use vscaladoc to generate API David Bernard
update Compiled the project with Scala-2.7.1 Jorge Ortiz
add Start the lift-openid module David Pollak
add Start the lift-oauth module David Pollak
add Added CalendarMonthView widget Marius Danciu
add Start the lift-widgets module Marius Danciu
add Added ActorPing#scheduleAtFixedRate Marius Danciu
add Added notices support for Comet actors Marius Danciu
add Added JavaScript statements as JsCmd Marius Danciu

Release 0.7 - 2008-04-03

Type Changes By
add Gave AMQPDispatcher users the ability to auto-reconnect to the amqp server if it restarts. Steve Jenson
update - Separating html functions from S object to SHtml object - Putting LiftRules in its own file - Adding support for associating messages with ID's to allow form fields validation messages. - ValidationIssue renamed into FieldError and lives in http package - ErrorReport built in snippet was renamed to Msgs - Added Msg built in snippet used for form field messages (Renders only messages associated with this tag id) Marius Danciu
add Extracted from the Helpers class, documented and tested ClassHelpers, ControlHelpers and TimeHelpers Traits Eric Torreborre
add Adding unload hooks so a user's lift app can make sure that certain methods are called when the war is unloaded by the servlet container. Steve Jenson
add Adding a bunch of Responses to help make building RESTful Web Services easier in lift. Steve Jenson
add Added extensible support for specifying the behavior for invalid URI's (with or without site map) Marius Danciu
update Changes LiftServlet object name to LiftRules Marius Danciu
update Changed Loc behavior to use ResponseIt Marius Danciu
add Added RedirectWithState Marius Danciu
add Added a KeyedCache for model objects built on top of the LRU class. Steve Jenson
Split lift-core into several modules : lift-webkit, lift-amqp, lift-facebook, lift-testkit, lift-textile, lift-xmpp David Bernard

Release 0.6 - 2008-03-10

Type Changes By
update Compiled the project with Scala-2.7.0 Eric Torreborre
add Added RedirectResponse class Marius Danciu
add Added lift core localization support. Marius Danciu
add Added Cookie support. Steve Jenson
update Updating our version of jQuery to 1.2.3. Steve Jenson
add Added a new method to MetaMapper that lets you find models by PreparedStatement. findByPreparedStatement Steve Jenson

Release 0.5 - 2008-02-05

Type Changes By
add Added a new QueryParam, ByList which lets you query on Model objects with a List[T]. Steve Jenson
update Revised the example site to use Blueprint CSS for style David Pollak
add jlift JavaScript utilities and associated binder helpers. David Pollak
add Blueprint CSS built in (version 0.6) so it can be served via /classpath David Pollak
add XML -> JavaScript bindings so that JSON -> XHTML rendering can be defined using Scala XML literals, but the resulting JavaScript code can be sent to the browser to do mass rendering of JSON objects. David Pollak
add Added JSON support including: - S.buildJSONFunc - JSONHandler class - Lots of fancy JavaScript expression building David Pollak
update When lift is running in test mode, the default form generators will insert lift:field_name attribute into the form fields to aid in testing David Pollak
update Added json2.js (and minified version) Enhanced the resource serving stuff so that: - The path is defined in LiftServlet and changable (defaults to "classpath") - Moved the resource location from the root to "toserve" (can be changed) to avoid any possible way of serving up classes - The white list is a Partial Function for more flexibility - The white list by default contains jquery.js and json.js - There's a re-writer to re-write the request into an actual file (so jquery.js gets re-written to jquery-1.2.2-min.js) David Pollak
add Parser Combinator Helper routines David Pollak
update MappedField.toForm now returns a Can[NodeSeq] so a field can be omitted from a form David Pollak
add Added the "record" and "record_mgt" packages with half-baked record and field stuff in them David Pollak
update Added LocInfo and LocInfoVal to SiteMap for storing CSS and other tidbits about each menu item David Pollak
update Fixed the 'Welcome to the your project' type-o David Pollak
update Further abstracted the whole logging thing. There's a default log4j setup that can be overriden. The LiftLogger trait is made concrete in Log4JLogger, but the generic LiftLogger creation is done by function that can be modified in LogBoot: var loggerByName: String => LiftLogger = _logger; var loggerByClass: Class => LiftLogger = _loggerCls; One can insert a new logging system into lift by replacing the loggerByName and loggerByClass functions with appropriate functions that return a LiftLogger. David Pollak
add MappedText and MapperFakeClob classes David Pollak
update Extensive updates to the tag mechanism that uses tag labels as snippets and support for adding arbitrary tag handling to lift. David Pollak

Release 0.4 - 2008-01-07

Type Changes By
add Added XMPP support for lift applications. see the package net.liftweb.xmpp Steve Jenson
add Added support for switching XHTML MIME type serving off. See LiftServet.useXhtmlMimeType Steve Jenson
update Upgrade to scala-2.6.1 David Pollak
update Support for PosgreSQL 8.1 and some tests David Pollak
add Adding support to H2 to lift-ORM Maciek Starzyk
add Adding support to PostgreSQL to lift-ORM Maciek Starzyk
add /html/body//head are merged into /html/head, to allow html fragment inlined into body to contribute to /html/head David Bernard
add Adding a new lift archetype, lift-archetype-basic that will generate a lift template with basic database and users functionality. Steve Jenson
add Adding LiftConsole to archetype to play with lift-based application in console mode Steve Jenson
add Adding mock for HTTPRequest and Co Steve Jenson
add Adding first Specs test to test lift-core David Bernard
update The look of the maven site generated (for lift itself and for archetypes) David Bernard
remove Removing deprecated new_proj (replaced by archetypes) David Bernard
remove Removing lift-archetype-hellolift (replaced by lift-archetype-basic (and the sample application hellolift)) David Bernard

Release 0.3.0 - 2007-12-07

Type Changes By
add Support for Ajax including integration of jQuery David Pollak
add Radically improved Comet support David Pollak
add Facebook API support Jorge Eugenio Ortiz Hinojosa
add AMQP (RabbitMQ) support Steve Jenson
add Radically improved Comet support David Pollak
add Built in Traits for Users (including user management) and Tags David Pollak
add Support for a variety of new Mapped types (Country, Locale, Postal Code, etc.) David Pollak
add New examples including a real-time blog David Pollak
update Project builder using Maven and significantly improved Maven support David Bernard
add Localization David Pollak
add Improved XHTML support including proper headers based on browser type David Pollak
update Improved documentation Team
update Radically improved samples and "getting started" pieces Team
add support for multiple database instances David Pollak
add improved regex support including some Regex -> object creation support for parsing David Pollak
add a new and improved textile parser David Pollak

Release 0.2.0 - 2007-06-06

Type Changes By
add "new_proj" script to create a new project David Pollak
add HTTP test framework for writing tests David Pollak
add Skittr code example -- a Twitter clone in lift and Scala David Pollak
add SiteMap -- define site navigation and access control rules in a Domain Specific Language David Pollak
add each model can live in a different database (multi database support) David Pollak
add support for Jetty continuations on AJAX calls (automatic, not application code required) David Pollak
update improvements to query building David Pollak
add Shared session variable across Snippets and Controllers David Pollak
add "recursive snippets" to re-write the page David Pollak
add ability to pass attributes to Snippets and Controllers David Pollak
add built in support for blowfish encryption David Pollak
add logging via log4j David Pollak
add MappedListEnum to persist List[Enumeration] easily David Pollak
add lots of HTML form elements (select, multiselect, etc.) David Pollak
update enhanced SQL queries David Pollak
add filterMap support for queries as the rows come back from the database David Pollak
add comparison operators for MappedField David Pollak
add run modes (Production, Test, Development, etc.) David Pollak
add properties that are based on user, machine, and run mode David Pollak
add filters for fields such that input (and comparison and queries) can automatically be made upper case, lower case, trim, etc. David Pollak

Release 0.1.0 - 2007-02-26

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