trait HasResults

trait HasResults

 extends ScalaObject

This trait is useful to get a common interface for Specifications, Sus and Examples.

Source: Specification.scala(129)

Direct Known Subclasses

DefaultResults, Example, Form, ExecutableDataTable, Specification, Sus,


errors abstract def errors Seq[Throwable]
failureAndErrors def failureAndErrors List[Throwable]
failures abstract def failures Seq[FailureException]
hasFailureAndErrors def hasFailureAndErrors Boolean
hasIssues def hasIssues Boolean
isOk def isOk Boolean
issueMessages def issueMessages String
issues def issues List[Throwable]
skipped abstract def skipped Seq[SkippedException]
status def status String
statusAsText def statusAsText String


!= final def !=(arg0 : Any) Boolean Any
!= final def !=(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
== final def ==(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
== final def ==(arg0 : Any) Boolean Any
asInstanceOf final def asInstanceOf[T0] T0 Any
clone protected def clone Object AnyRef
eq final def eq(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
equals def equals(arg0 : Any) Boolean AnyRef
finalize protected def finalize Unit AnyRef
getClass final def getClass Class[Object] AnyRef
hashCode def hashCode Int AnyRef
isInstanceOf final def isInstanceOf[T0] Boolean Any
ne final def ne(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
notify final def notify Unit AnyRef
notifyAll final def notifyAll Unit AnyRef
synchronized final def synchronized[T0](arg0 : T0) T0 AnyRef
toString def toString String AnyRef
wait final def wait(arg0 : Long) Unit AnyRef
wait final def wait Unit AnyRef
wait final def wait(arg0 : Long, arg1 : Int) Unit AnyRef
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