trait ScalaCheckVerifications

trait ScalaCheckVerifications

 extends ScalaObject

This trait defines the "verify" operator which can be used to specify properties to check as examples. Instead of writing:

 "startsWith verifies (a + b).startsWith(a)" in {
    property((a: String, b: String) => (a + b).startsWith(a)) must pass
 it is possible to write directly:
 "startsWith" verifies ((a: String, b: String) => (a + b).startsWith(a))
This will create an example named "startsWith" and check the corresponding property. ScalaCheck parameters can be used with the "display" and set methods. For example:

 // will display the results and stop testing when 150 are passing.
 "startsWith" verifies ((a: String, b: String) => (a + b).startsWith(a)).display(minTestsOk->150) 

Source: Scalacheck.scala(41)

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AnyWithParameters, VerifiableExpectation,


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anyToAnyWithParameters implicit def anyToAnyWithParameters[T](f : T)
Transforms a function to an object supporting ScalaCheck parameters [details]
Any object can use this implicit definition. A stricter definition would declare one implicit conversion per function arity from 1 to 6
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This implicit uses a string describing a function to check with ScalaCheck with the "verifies" function
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