class JUnitSuiteRunner

class JUnitSuiteRunner(klass : Class[Test])

 extends Runner with Filterable with Sortable with TestDescription

The JUnitSuiteRunner provides a JUnit4 annotation to run JUnitSuite test suites created from specifications klass is a JUnitSuite which implements the junit.framework.Test interface

Source: JUnitSuiteRunner.scala(15)


def this(klass : Class[Test])


isExecutedFromMaven lazy val isExecutedFromMaven Boolean TestDescription
testSuite var testSuite
aggregated test representing the whole test suite


!= final def !=(arg0 : Any) Boolean Any
!= final def !=(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
== final def ==(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
== final def ==(arg0 : Any) Boolean Any
asDescription def asDescription(test : Test)
Describe a test including its hashCode instead of its class name [details]
If the class name is included, some tests may not render properly as there can only be one test with a given in a given class. For specs it is different as there can be the same name in 2 different systems (and those systems will be represented by the same JUnit class: ExampleTestCase). This uses the createSuiteDescription method from JUnit as it is the only way to create a Description object having the required name.
- the description of the test with a name including its hashcode
Description TestDescription
asDescription def asDescription(ts : JUnitSuite)
- the description of the suite based on its name
Description TestDescription
asInstanceOf final def asInstanceOf[T0] T0 Any
clone protected def clone Object AnyRef
createAdaptingListener def createAdaptingListener(notifier : RunNotifier)
adapt a JUnit4 RunNotifier with a JUnit3 TestListener
eq final def eq(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
equals def equals(arg0 : Any) Boolean AnyRef
filter def filter(filter : Filter)
nothing to filter
finalize protected def finalize Unit AnyRef
getClass final def getClass Class[Object] AnyRef
getDescription override def getDescription
- the description of the suite with the nested suites and tests
hashCode def hashCode Int AnyRef
isExecutedFrom def isExecutedFrom(name : String)
This method is used to determine for example if the JUnit runner is executed from Maven or within Eclipse [details]
In the first the test case names don't need to have the hashcode example.
- true if the this current piece of code contains name in its stacktrace.
Boolean Classes
isInstanceOf final def isInstanceOf[T0] Boolean Any
makeDescription def makeDescription(test : Test)
create a Description from a TestCase or a JUnitSuite object
Description TestDescription
ne final def ne(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
notify final def notify Unit AnyRef
notifyAll final def notifyAll Unit AnyRef
run override def run(notifier : RunNotifier)
runs the test suite by passing a JUnit4 RunNotifier which is wrapped in a JUnit3 TestListener to be able to run JUnit3 tests
sort def sort(sorter : Sorter)
nothing to sort
synchronized final def synchronized[T0](arg0 : T0) T0 AnyRef
testCount def testCount Int Runner
toString def toString String AnyRef
wait final def wait Unit AnyRef
wait final def wait(arg0 : Long) Unit AnyRef
wait final def wait(arg0 : Long, arg1 : Int) Unit AnyRef
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