class Prop

class Prop[T](val label : String, val value : Option[T], check : Option[() => Any])

 extends Property[Option[T]] with Linkable with ToHtml with DefaultResults

Source: Forms.scala(69)


def this(label : String, value : Option[T], check : Option[() => Any])


errors def errors Seq[Throwable] DefaultResults
execute def execute Prop[T]
failureAndErrors def failureAndErrors List[Throwable] HasResults
failures def failures Seq[FailureException] DefaultResults
get def get T
hasFailureAndErrors def hasFailureAndErrors Boolean HasResults
hasIssues def hasIssues Boolean HasResults
init val init T Property
isOk def isOk Boolean HasResults
issueMessages def issueMessages String HasResults
issues def issues List[Throwable] HasResults
next val next ListBuffer[Linkable] Linkable
previous var previous Option[Linkable] Linkable
productArity override def productArity Int Property
productPrefix override def productPrefix String Property
skipped def skipped Seq[SkippedException] DefaultResults
status def status String HasResults
statusAsText def statusAsText String HasResults
toEmbeddedHtml override def toEmbeddedHtml NodeSeq
toHtml override def toHtml NodeSeq


!= final def !=(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
!= final def !=(arg0 : Any) Boolean Any
--> def -->(others : Linkable*) Unit Linkable
== final def ==(arg0 : Any) Boolean Any
== final def ==(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
addError def addError(t : Throwable) Unit DefaultResults
addFailure def addFailure(f : FailureException) Unit DefaultResults
addSkipped def addSkipped(s : SkippedException) Unit DefaultResults
apply def apply
- s a value using the getter function
T Property
apply def apply(newValue : T) Property[T] Property
apply def apply(v : T) Prop[T]
asInstanceOf final def asInstanceOf[T0] T0 Any
clone protected def clone Object AnyRef
eq final def eq(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
equals override def equals(arg0 : Any) Boolean Property
finalize protected def finalize Unit AnyRef
getClass final def getClass Class[Object] AnyRef
hashCode override def hashCode Int Property
isInstanceOf final def isInstanceOf[T0] Boolean Any
ne final def ne(arg0 : Object) Boolean AnyRef
notify final def notify Unit AnyRef
notifyAll final def notifyAll Unit AnyRef
onGet def onGet(newGetter : (T) => T)
sets a new getter function
Property[T] Property
onSet def onSet(newSetter : (T) => T)
sets a new setter function
Property[T] Property
onToString def onToString(newToStringer : (T) => String)
sets a new display function
Property[T] Property
productElement override def productElement(arg0 : Int) Any Property
reset override def reset Unit
synchronized final def synchronized[T0](arg0 : T0) T0 AnyRef
toEmbeddedHtmlWithSpan def toEmbeddedHtmlWithSpan(s : Int) NodeSeq ToHtml
toHtmlWithSpan def toHtmlWithSpan(s : Int) NodeSeq ToHtml
toString override def toString
- s the string value using the stringer function
update def update(newValue : T)
updates the value using the setter function
Property[T] Property
wait final def wait(arg0 : Long, arg1 : Int) Unit AnyRef
wait final def wait(arg0 : Long) Unit AnyRef
wait final def wait Unit AnyRef
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